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A key component of any bikepacker’s luggage arsenal. When we started designing the seat system we set out to overcome our two biggest frustrations with conventional seatpacks; minimising ‘tailwag’ (side to side wobbling) and having an easily removable bag for packing/unpacking away from the bike.After countless iterations and months of testing we arrived upon a semi-rigid harness with a tapered Xpac VX21 bag. As usual though, the devil is very much in the detail:

The Harness

  • Keen to avoid rigid metal connections, the base of the harness draws its stiffness from an HDPE plastic/500d Cordura laminate, reinforced with an aluminum 'spine'.

  • An elasticated cargo net also features, useful for stowing lightweight shoes or other awkward items

  • The upper part of the harness comprises side panels of high-density foam and Cordura 1000d/500d, with a full Hypalon central panel, providing incredible abrasion resistance to all contact points. 

  • Unique Saddle Rail Connection 

  • This features a high-density foam strip to securely seat the rails, with independent Velcro straps to keep them in place. This effectively eliminates sideways movement of the harness relative to the saddle rails.

  • The upper part of the harness in the saddle connection zone is stiffened via a profiled aluminium section sewn into the fabric. This ‘clasps’ both sides of the bag significantly reducing any lateral swaying of the bag (or ‘tail wag’) 

  • No Compromise Side Strap Tensioning 

  • The stability of any seat system is only as good as the tensioning of its side straps, and some strap slippage is inevitable with a standard side release buckle when ridden hard off-road. We’ve therefore taken a ‘belt and braces’ approach, passing the straps through both ladderlocks and cam-lock secured side release buckles.

  •   The Bag 

  • Full Xpac VX21 construction; highly abrasion resistant, ripstop, and incredibly waterproof.

  • Geometry tailored for the harness to provide maximum storage space and stability through a ‘snug fit’

  • Please note that, while the fabric is waterproof, there is the possibility for water to enter through the seams when exposed to heavy, sustained rain. We therefore recommend using an internal dry bag for contents that must remain absolutely dry (e.g. electronics).

    • Weight: 495gr (Bag 135gr, Harness, 360gr)
    • Capacity 6-14L Approx.
    • Materials: X-pac VX 21, Hypalon, Cordura 1000d/500d, high density EVA foam, HDPE plastic, Duraflex hardware. 
    • Minimum of 25cm clearance from saddle rails to top of tyre (with rear suspension fully compressed if applicable)
    • Minimum length of exposed seat post is 13cm
    • Not recommended for ‘dropper’ seatposts
    • Note: For riders who tend to sit further back on their saddles than ‘normal’ you may experience slight leg rub

    Some guidance on how best to set up your seat pack can be found here


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    • Seat Pack
      Review by Jürg Oberlion 02/08/2016
      This bag-system is genius: easy to handle; funktional;