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Partial Frame Bag


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Our 1/2 sized frame bags are ideal for road cyclists, mountain bikers riding large frames, or for those who simply want to take advantage of more gear space while still using water bottles. Maybe you're a commuter looking for a more stream-lined way to carry a change of clothes? 1/2 frame bags could be your friend.

Our 1/2 frame bags are available in 3 different stock sizes. Based on a rigorous analysis of bike frames and geometries, we came up with 3 different geometries that conform well to a wide range of different bikes. All of the bags use cam-lock straps around the seat tube, head tube, and down tube to ensure a sturdy fit on different size bikes.

Alpamayo Designs Half Frame Bag Sizing Analysis

These 1/2 frame bags are constructed to the same high quality and water-resistant standards as our full-size frame bags, with VX21 & 1000D Cordura sides and a #8 YKK Urethane coated, water repellent zipper.

1/2 Frame Bag Size Details:

Inside top tube lengths:

Size #1: 480mm
Size #2: 495mm
Size #3: 535mm

Size #1 corresponds to a small to medium mountain or road bike, Size #2 to a medium to large mountain bike, or a medium to large road bike. Size #3 will generally only fit well on very large road bikes, but check the length of your bike's top tube to compare.

For proper fit, choose the size closest to, but not longer than, your bike's inside top tube length. So say your bike has an inside top tube length of 470mm - you'd want Size #1. Or if your bike's inside top tube length is 486mm - well, you'd still be best going for a Size #1, and the adjustable straps will take up the slack. But for an inside top tube length of 525mm, you'd be best suited with a Size #2, instead of getting the closer fitting Size #3 that will need to be squished in to fit.

As always, send us a message if you have any questions.


Materials, partial frame bags:
  • Side panels: Dimension Polyant sailcloth (VX21); excellent strength:weight ratio, great waterproofing.
  • Frame panels: Cordura 1000D; waterproof with high abrasion resistance
  • Zippers: YKK Urethane coated, water repellant zippers. We use #8 zips for the partial frame bags. Since the partial frame bags don't see as much overstuffing as the full frame bags, the #8 weight zips do a great job here, as opposed to the need for the oversized #10's on the full bags. Get a great zip, and have a great trip!
  • Fluorescent green Oxford internal liner fabric keeps the bags' interiors well lit.
We build our frame bags with sailcloth sides and use Cordura for high contact areas against the frame. Both of these materials offer exceptional waterproofing, but there is still possibility for water to enter at seams during heavy storms. We recommend keeping anything highly susceptible to water damage inside of its own drybag.
To keep zippers functioning long-term, they should be wiped down with a wet cloth after particularly dusty or muddy rides. Keep them clean, and they'll keep taking you to places unseen.


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Customer Reviews

  • Nice piece of kit, definitely recommended!
    Review by Fredon 24/03/2016
    I'm very happy to get my partial frame bag fitted onto my Genesis CDF for commuting to work each day.
    Up to now I have been using panniers, but in an effort to slim down for the summer I opted for one of these. The difference is really noticeable! It produces way less drag than my panniers, is lighter, and it improves the bikes handling significantly as the load is carried centrally, and is much more stable. You really don't get any swing with this bag, it's really well secured and super stable on the frame.
    It's obviously not nearly as large as the pannier I used before, but a clean set of shirt and underwear fit in there nicely alongside my generous portion of sandwiches. The only slight niggle I have is that the zip opening is not as big as it could be, making it a little awkward to get all my gear in, once it's through the hole though the space is fine, and the green lining is a nice touch!

    The bag is put together nicely. It has a quality feel to it, and all the stitching looks solid. I've not tried out it's waterproof properties yet, so can't comment on that.