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Front Harness


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Our front harness allows you to mount a 10-20L dry bag or other cylindrical shaped load below the handlebar, and is great for stashing bulky gear like sleeping bags, sleeping pads and tents. This versatility, large capacity and ability to pack/unpack away from the bike makes it a must have for on any multi-day bike adventure. 

Our design has taken considerable time and testing to perfect, and after countless prototypes we reckon we’ve nailed it. Here’s why:

  • Bombproof Construction.  We use a 4-layer laminate to provide rigidity and durability, with: XPac VX21 outer fabric; HDPE plastic sheet, a lightweight foam insert and Cordura 500d inner fabric. Hypalon reinforcement is also used for possible contact areas; along the handlebar and head tube zones.  Duraflex buckles used throughout.

  • Optimised Geometry. A tapered design is used to ensure that there’s support where it’s required, but any ‘extra fat’ is trimmed off to save weight.  

  • Rock Solid Attachment System. The harness attaches securely to the bars via custom made plastic blocks using a dual attachment system; first it’s secured using Velcro straps and then with webbing straps passed through Duraflex TensionLock® buckles. Combined with the head tube connection strap, it achieves bombproof stability with no loosening off (even after the most demanding of Andean singletrack descents…!).

  • Cable & Lever Clearance. Common issues with harnesses on mountain bike bars are cables being ‘squashed’ and levers digging into the bag. To alleviate these problems the harness is offset from the handlebars via the custom made plastic blocks, protecting both bike and bag.  (Note: On road bars it is possible to strip down the harness and not use the blocks, to save weight and increase tyre clearance)

  • Riser Bars? No Problem.  The plastic blocks are also designed to allow the curved profile of riser bars to be easily accommodated, without bending the harness. The blocks feature channels, allowing the Velcro connection straps to grip tight and ensure that everything remains locked together, even for bars with a high rise angle.

  • 3 Strap System. We feel it’s essential to use 3 straps, rather than just 2, to connect the bag. Advantages include: ease of attachment (balance the bag by connecting the central strap first), preventing sag over the tyre zone and possible rubbing and allowing larger bags to be accommodated. (Note: The outer straps are moderately spaced at 17cm (centre to centre) such that smaller bags can also be used for road bikes without the risk of the straps sliding off the edges)

  • Head Tube Protector. A dense closed cell foam block is incorporated into the head tube connection strap to alleviate harness rub against paintwork/cables.

  • Integrated Front Accessory Bag Straps. The Front Accessory Bag can attach directly into the harness. The top connection straps are adjustable and feature Duraflex CamLok buckles, with Velcro Onewrap ‘strap keepers’ to stow the excess strap when not in use. 


    • Weight: 375gr (260gr without plastic blocks)
    • Materials:  X-pac VX 08, Hypalon, Cordura 500d, high density EVA foam, HDPE plastic, Duraflex hardware
    • Carrying Capacity: 10-20L cylindrical bag, maximum load 7Kg 
    • The harness will fit a wide range of handlebar types, including road bars. (Bar attachment points and outer bag straps are at 17cm centre to centre spacing)
    • It is NOT compatible with cantilever or road style front brakes with a vertical exposed cable.

    Some guidance on how best to set up your front harness can be found here


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    Customer Reviews

    • Superb. 5 stars.
      Review by Alexon 12/09/2016
      I can't find fault with Alpamayo's harness system. The quality of materials and workmanship is superb. After a little bit of experimentation with strap position mine sat nice and snug. Totally stable even at speed over rough ground. The low position means handlebar mounted lights shine over the top with ease. You do have to have a think about how your gear / brake cables sit alongside the various buckles etc but that is the only (very minor) downside to what is a superb piece of kit.