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Custom Frame Bag


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Looking to get started with a new frame bag? You're in the right place. With strong X-Pac VX21 and Cordura fabrics, beefy YKK water-repellent zippers, and hypalon-reinforced attachments, these frame bags are in it for the long haul with you.

Our custom frame bags are built to the specifications of your frame. We'll need measurements of your specific bicycle—see details here—and then we'll put together a bag to match. We build our frame bags to be 65mm wide throughout, tapering in a bit at the bottom bracket to avoid tearing from the chain. 

You have a few options to think on as you're planning your frame bag. These range from additional zips (ideal for larger frames) to flared out fronts of the frame bags (ideal for those looking to maximize storage space). 

Colors:  Black / White / Red / Grey

All of our frame bags start out with a single #10 YKK Urethane-coated water repellent zipper; a beast of zipper, settle for less at your peril. If you're riding a particularly large bike--generally appropriate with a top tube length > 520mm--we'd recommend going for an additional zippered compartment towards the base of the frame bag to keep your gear a little more organized. Velcro flaps keep this compartment separate from the main storage space, and can be folded down when the second compartment isn't wanted. Further zipper options include making a map pocket on the non-driveside of the frame bag.

We use the slightly smaller #8 zips for additional zippers, as these compartments generally won't see as much abuse as the main zip.

Zippers are a great, convenient way to open a frame bag, but even the best of them need to be taken care of. After muddy or dusty rides, wipe down the zipper with a wet cloth to prolong its lifespan.

Flared fronts:
For riders looking to maximize their storage space, choose this option. We'll modify the front of your frame bag to widen from a width of 65mm to 120mm at the head tube. We'd say this is a bit unnecessary on road bike frames-- road bike geometries tend to be more spacious than their mountain bike compadres. But on a semi-fat or full fat bike? Fatten it up! 


Materials, frame bags:

  • Side panels: Dimension Polyant sailcloth (VX21); excellent strength:weight ratio, great waterproofing.
  • Frame panels: Cordura 1000D; waterproof with high abrasion resistance
  • Zippers: YKK Urethane coated, water repellant zippers. We use the strongest available #10 zips for the main compartment, and lighter #8 zips for the optional map and lower compartment. Functioning zippers are key to a frame bag's performance; anything lighter just doesn't cut it. Get a great zip, and have a great trip!
  • Fluorescent green Oxford internal liner fabric keeps the bags' interiors well lit.

We build our frame bags with sailcloth sides and use Cordura for high contact areas against the frame. Both of these materials offer exceptional waterproofing, but there is still possibility for water to enter at seams during heavy storms. We recommend keeping anything highly susceptible to water damage inside of its own drybag.


To keep zippers functioning long-term, they should be wiped down with a wet cloth after particularly dusty or muddy rides. Keep them clean, and they'll keep taking you to places unseen.


Our custom frame bags are built to the specifications of your frame. We'll need measurements of your specific bicycle—see details here—and then we'll put together a bag to match.

Custom frame bags are currently only available for delivery within the UK, Europe and US.  The current lead-time for custom frame bags is up to 5 weeks from the date of order for deliveries within the UK. For other countries it will take a little longer, please enquire to confirm.


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  • Great Bags
    Review by Tom on 02/08/2016
    Of all the bike luggage we took on our trip the most impressive was my Alpamayo frame bag. It doesn’t claim to be 100% waterproof, but that thing got immersed in countless rivers and didn’t leak once.