Founded by Paul Griffiths and Sam Hochheimer, Alpamayo Designs was born from a two-year bike trip down the Americas. As we found ourselves drawn to increasingly demanding bikepacking routes, often pushing both rider and gear to their limits, a sub-plot of the trip became the relentless search for ever lighter and more stable bag set-ups.

Coming from engineering backgrounds, it wasn’t long before we started designing and making our own bag support systems. Relatively crude at first, but functional nonetheless.

This whole thing started simply as a DIY side project, and then developed into a more serious endeavor with the partnering of a small workshop producing high quality climbing equipment in the Peruvian Andes. Combining a shared passion for high adventure and a wealth of outdoors fabric expertise, with countless years of sewing experience, we were able to take things to a whole new level. Close friendships ensued, and an exciting project began.

The ride down the Andes thus became the testing ground for a range of new prototypes, with subsequent return visits to the workshop to refine the designs as the months went by. Fast forward to the end of the trip, with a period of further design refinement and more ‘full-on’ testing by other riders, and Alpamayo Designs was finally born.

We make some of the highest quality bikepacking and ultralight road touring bag systems, designed by real world riders and handmade by a dedicated and experienced team in the Peruvian Andes. Founded out of a passion for adventure cycling and good design; we make the gear we want to ride with.