Paul (left) and Sam (right) met in a 'Casa de Ciclistas' in Ecuador, teamed up to ride down the Andes together and ultimately went on to start Alpamayo Designs (see 'Our Story' for more).

Paul lives in Bath, England, with his fleet of bicycles, and represents Alpamayo in the UK and Europe. A certified perfectionist with an obsession for detail, not much slips past this chap unless it's spot on.

Sam is based in California, a product engineer at Stanford University, and represents the US side of Alpamayo. Once almost swept away whilst carrying his bike through a raging river in Chile, it's good to have him onboard.

Yuri 'El Jefe' : Workshop owner and overseer of all production, nothing leaves the door without his stringent stamp of approval.
Wuicho : Attention to detail like no other, typically found deep in concentration. A bit of a legend.
Victor : Possibly more years sewing experience than anyone else in the outdoors industry