Making a Template

To make a template for your frame bag, we'll need a few measurements from your bike and a clear side on photo of the bike. In general, this is a fairly quick process, though for full-suspension bikes it does involve a bit more detail. Once we have the measurements from you, we'll put together a full pattern. 

Step 1: 
Take your frame, and start measuring the inside dimensions of the front triangle. As drawn in the picture below, you're looking to get an accurate measurement of the angle between the top tube and the seat tube, and the inside distances from one joint to the next along the seat tube, top tube, head tube gap (if any, there's a 2.5mm gap on the blue frame below), and down tube. Additionally, if there's a brace above the top tube to the seat tube (as on a Surly bike), please dimension that as well.
 Making a Frame Bag Template, Step 1
Step 1b: 
While measuring away, find the angle between the Top Tube and the Seat Tube.
Making a Frame Bag Template, Step 2
Step 2: 
With the first four measurements in hand, start measuring the distance to the center of any water bottle bosses or cable stops. You can dimension these starting from any joint on the frame.
Making a Frame Bag Template, Step 2
These dimensions should be as precise as possible. Check out the example tracings below for reference- the level of detail on the ones done by engineers--way to kill it, guys!--isn't entirely necessary, but is much appreciated. 
For Full-Suspension Frames:
These are a little bit more tricky. Follow the same steps as above, but make sure to mark out all bends along the tubing, as best as possible. The idea is to walk away holding as complete a diagram of your specific frame as possible. See the faded green Transition frame below for an example.
Getting the dimensions to us:
After receiving your order, we'll send you an email asking for your measurements and a photo. The dimensions etc can be annotated on a photo, or as a separate sketch. We'll send you a copy of the final pattern for review and let you know if we have any questions.
Example 1: Surly Pugsley
Surly Pugsley Frame Bag Template
Example 2: Full-Sus Transition Bandit
Transition Bandit Frame Bag Template
Example 3: Surly Troll
Surly Troll Frame Bag Template.