In the early days of Alpamayo, when we were deep in 'stealth mode', people would occasionally get wind of the project though word of mouth and approach us for bags. It was both an exciting and frustrating time; our heads were still buried in the fine tuning of the products, with nothing really ready to sell and little time to divert to custom projects. However, when Tom and Jim messaged us asking to buy bags for their fat bike trans-Iceland mission, we couldn't help but oblige, and despite the stock products not being ready, agreed to make them custom frame bags for the trip. Afterall, this was exactly the type of adventure that had motivated us to start Alpamayo in the first place...

And so, in June 2015 Tom Vincent and Jim Gardiner bikepacked across the deserts and mountains of central Iceland, one of the last great wilderness areas in Europe. Under the midnight sun they encountered dust storms, freezing river crossings, paths blocked by snow, vicious headwinds and the desolate beauty of Iceland’s unpopulated interior highlands.

“Of all the bike luggage we took, the most impressive was my Alpamayo frame bag. It doesn’t claim to be 100% waterproof, but that thing got immersed in countless rivers and didn’t leak once.” Tom Vincent

A snowy pass between Landmannalugar and Hólaskjól

Halfway across the Kjolur desert in heavy weather.

 Mýrdalsjökull- A fatbike, doing what fatbikes do best

The midnight sun in Landmannalaugar

A minor obstruction between Gulfoss and Háifoss

Surly Pugsley, complete with one of the first Alpamayo Designs frame bags to be sold

Reykjavik – The end of the road